Shipping & Returns

Changed your mind? As long as your socks are unworn, we will refund within 30 days of purchase. Furthermore, FunSouls stick by our product quality and will replace or refund any faulty goods. Learn all about our shipping and returns policies here.

How do FunSouls donate to homelessness support organisations?

FunSouls offer a high quality sock, but rather than solely focusing on profits, we have found a way to instead direct that money back into our community by providing socks to those in need with every sale made. 

This is a cost absorbed by FunSouls and not our customers. When purchasing our socks, you will be able to direct exactly where you want our donation to go!

Are your socks environmentally friendly and safe?

The socks you purchase from FunSouls are made from organic cotton and recycled packaging. Wow... just when you thought it couldn't get any better!

Our supplier has been fully vetted and certification checked to ensure no harmful chemicals or unethical practices play any part in the production of your FunSouls.

How did FunSouls start?

FunSouls was created by two individuals in South Australia with a passion for comfy, simplistic socks and a goal of making as many people smile who don't have access to that feeling of putting on a fresh, clean and warm pair of socks.