Our Mission
The FunSouls team firmly believe that a necessity such as a pair of socks is something that should be within reach for everyone!
We are providing a high quality sock, but rather than solely (pun intended) focusing on profits, we have found a way to instead direct that money back into our community by providing socks to those in need with every sale made. 
What socks do you provide your charity partners?
We were challenged with designing a sock that made those experiencing homelessness feel comfortable (inside and out), and to last in varied conditions.


The rate of homelessness in Australia has increased 4.6% over the last 5 years (Australian census, ABS, 2016)

A pair of socks is not going to provide a solution to homelessness. What is does provide, is a small beacon of hope and comfort for those experiencing homelessness to know that somebody out there cares for them.

If you replace your current pair of socks with a pair of FunSouls and it results in just one person smiling, then we have made a difference together.

Charities you can direct our donation to at checkout:
The Hutt Street Centre (SA)
xxxxx (NSW)
Anonymous X (VIC)
xxxxx (WA)
xxxxx (ACT)